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MSVSphere Infooborot (Powered by Alfresco Content Services*) is a high-performance, scalable, and flexible content management system, that allows the creation of enterprise-class information systems for the broadest range of applications.

Main advantages of the MSVSphere Infooborot system:

  • An intuitive web interface MSVSphere - web application connecting to the repository. Users can customize the system interface according to their preferences;  Infooborot Icon 1.png
  • Access to services with the numerous client applications and from mobile devices;  Infooborot Icon 2.png
  • Collaborative work including the association of users into working groups (sites) for collaboration, creating structured document libraries for specified user groups, joint editing and discussion of documents in the group, checking document changes and posted comments, creating shared calendars, Wiki pages, links, blogs, forums;  Infooborot Icon 3.png
  • The ability to expand functionality, create specialized workplaces, and quickly implement and start working with the system;  Infooborot Icon 4.png
  • Scalability, load balancing the possibility of clustering and replication, high fault tolerance;  Infooborot Icon 5.png
  • High performance. There are several implementations with more than 100 million documents. In the largest implementations, there are more than 100,000 users. For batch operations, MSVSphere can be configured to process thousands of documents per hour;  Infooborot Icon 6.png
  • Possibility of integration with external systems, and support of the open standards. MSVSphere – cross-platform software running on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Platform provides interfaces for integration with third-party applications (MS Office, SAP, Google Docs, 1C, etc.);  Infooborot Icon 7.png
  • Low cost of ownership in comparison with analogs.  Infooborot Icon 8.png

*Alfresco Content Services offers full-featured ECM for organizations that require enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and 24x7 support for business-critical content and compliance. Open technology and a wide range of integrations and add-on modules make it easy to customize and extend.