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At RCSRD d.o.o. (Regional Center for Support, R&D), we are your trusted partners in the world of open-source innovation and technical excellence. Established in the early days of 2007, in collaboration with industry giants Red Hat and IBM, we have been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technical support, development, and educational services. Our mission is to empower customers, partners, and developers with the very best in technology solutions.


Red Hat.png  Our Journey

Our journey began with a vision to create something extraordinary, something that would benefit not only our local community but also the broader region. Together with Red Hat, we embarked on a unique partnership, becoming a proud member of the exclusive Red Hat Premium Support Partner program. This program enables us to serve Red Hat users not only in Serbia but across the Southeast European landscape, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia.

IBM.png  Unlocking the Power

Our collaboration with IBM has been instrumental in elevating our capabilities. Thanks to IBM's technologies and knowledge base, we've expanded our horizons, setting the stage for us to provide support for IBM open-source solutions.

In the Headlines 1.png  In the Headlines

Reuters - Red Hat to open regional Centre in Serbia
Red Hat and IBM Open Regional Centre for Support, Research and Development (RCSRD) in Serbia

Alfresco.png  A Legacy of Excellence

Since our inception in 2007, we've continuously evolved, honing our expertise to deliver the best to our clients. In 2009, we extended our services to include technical support, research, and development for EnterpriseDB. In 2010, we forged a strategic partnership with Alfresco, adding open-source ECM solutions to our portfolio.

12_Individual_approach.png  Our Collaborations in Action

EnterpriseDB and VDEL Join Forces to Deliver Open Source Database Products across CEE
Alfresco and VDEL GmbH Partner to Deliver Open Source ECM Solutions to Eastern Europe, Russia, and CIS

Pioneering the Future.png  Pioneering the Future

In 2012, we embraced the SoftwareUnited program, collaborating with industry leaders like IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, JBoss, Alfresco, and GitHub. This partnership allowed us to provide not only technical support but also research, development, and professional training for software products across Central and Eastern Europe.

Expanding Horizons.png  Expanding Horizons

As we stride forward into the future, we've embarked on an exciting journey in collaboration with the London-based Noventiq group (formerly Softline Group). Together, we're crafting a range of software products and services based on open-source technologies from Red Hat and Alfresco. These endeavors bear the new brands of SLOS, OpenSky, and SLECM. Additionally, we're developing software products under Oracle ASFU Licenses ISV Program, destined for global distribution in over 65+ countries. We are dedicated to further expanding our reach and influence in the world of open-source software.

05_Team.png  Join Us on this Remarkable Journey

We invite you to be a part of our remarkable journey. Explore our website to discover the full spectrum of services, support, and innovations we offer. Whether you're a customer, partner, or developer, together we can pioneer a future driven by technology and innovation.

Your vision, our expertise, a world of possibilities.


SLOS Line of Software Products represents a suite of enterprise-ready software products that are built on open-source technologies. With a focus on stability, security, and performance, SLOS products are designed to meet the demands of modern businesses. Explore our SLOS services and discover how they can elevate your organization
OpenSky represents an advanced ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) platform built upon the esteemed open-source Alfresco ECM and Activity/Flowable BPM solutions. It has been meticulously developed as an open-source distribution/fork, driven by our team's extensive experience and collaborative community effort. Our primary goal is to elevate these products to new levels of excellence by implementing significant improvements, fostering innovation, addressing accumulated technical and technological legacy challenges, and introducing cutting-edge design concepts and functionalities.

We are dedicated to providing top-tier solutions that harness the potential of a diverse range of open-source software projects and solutions. OpenSky harnesses the capabilities of industry-leading open-source technologies, ensuring that our solutions are built on the best-in-class foundations.

Combined with our SLOS line of system products, which encompass the operating system, virtualization, and cloud platform, we offer a seamlessly integrated full-stack solution. This comprehensive offering is designed to deliver exceptional performance, scalability, and security, all underpinned by our unparalleled technical support services.

Software United is a Business Model for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and System Integrators (SIs). The model is designed and organized by VDEL and backed up by leading worldwide software vendors. The Business Model will strive to offer business partners true flexibility and new possibilities in order to develop joint business.

Software United offers an integrated platform for business solutions based on leading worldwide software products and enterprise-grade open source software.

MSVSphere Infooborot (Powered by Alfresco Content Services ) is a high-performance, scalable, and flexible content management system, that allows to create of enterprise-class information systems of the broadest range of applications.
Alfresco is the leading open-source Enterprise Content Management System. It helps organizations manage various types of content, from simple office documents to scanned images, photographs, technical drawings, and even large video files.

It provides users with collaborative capabilities in a secure and modern environment. Integration with MS Office, Apple iWork, Adobe Creative Suite, and Google Docs makes content updates easier and accessible wherever you desire.

Today's societies are more mobile and collaborative than ever before. Alfresco enables you to work wherever you want, with whomever you want, on any device – all in the cloud. This ensures that your information is always available to you, anytime and anywhere.
MedicalPass - a service built on top of Alfresco Content Services in order to unite medical institutions, doctors, and patients in a unique system to share medical documents. A vast number of features and a user-friendly interface make it simple and smart.


At RCSRD (Regional Center for Support, R&D), we are dedicated to providing top-tier technical support, development, and educational services. Our mission is to enable organizations and individuals to harness the full potential of open-source technologies. Here's a glimpse of the services we offer:

Technical Support
Technical Support
Education & Training
Education & Training

Why people chose our services:

17 Years of market experience
Team of 50+ specialists
Hundreds of successful international projects
Business Know-how
High level 24/7 technical support
Out-of-the-box solutions
High performance
Cost effective, unbeatable price performance
Individual approach towards every client