Medical Pass (MP) – medical system created for patients

Medical Pass (MP) – medical system created for patients

The purpose of MedicalPass is to ease and unite patient data management, creating a single virtual medical card with all the documents from the variety of institutions one can have. This enables doctors to get the full medical picture and to approach each case with more details than ever possible while the patient has seamless integration with all the institutions he needs and access to documents he has.

MedicalPass is available as a web service for one institution in a group, medical groups, or standalone institutions. Mobile
application for patients allows access to all personal medical data in their pocket. Built-in encryption ensures that the data is only accessible to you and the ones to whom you gave access.

MedicalPass features:

  • Manage your institution’s doctors, forms, quotas
  • Upload and store any kind of medical data, sort it, share it with doctors and external consultants (*provided by our partners)
  • Check your medical calendar, and get your results automatically uploaded to the account after the visit
  • Categorize documents with custom tags, based on issue type, medical institution or whatever else may be needed for your patients
  • Create an emergency page that can be accessed by MyMDBand credentials
  • Easy access to medical services, that can extend the list of medical services you provide
  • Public APIs to create custom user interfaces that can encapsulate access to many services you provide (only for personal cloud)
Depending on the scale of your business you can either migrate your data to MedicalPass or request a personal cloud for you and your clients. Service can be scaled up to millions of registered users and thousands of concurrent users. Billions of documents can be handled without performance downgrade, which was not possible with existing services.

MedicalPass is recommended to be deployed on Oracle Cloud infrastructure providing the best performance for personal cloud users.

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